Who are we?

Supercomputing @ UCSD was founded in 2019 as a group of a few students looking to participate in SCC, the Student Cluster Competition, a competition where students from around the world compete to build the most efficient supercomputer. Since then, we have been competing each year and slowly but surely building our repertoire of knowledge and experience in HPC. This year, however, we’ve become interested in sharing our knowledge with fellow students at UCSD and empowering them to join this exciting field.

Thanks to our competition experience, we’ve found multiple fields of interest that have potential project opportunities, which made us realize that we could be a resource for students looking to get involved in HPC. We’ve also found that there are many students at UCSD who are interested in HPC, but don’t know where to start. We hope to be able to help them find their way into this field.

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) is one of our mains sponsors and benefactors. It was established as one of the nation’s first supercomputer centers in 1985, and for the past 35 years it has maintained its position as a leader in data-intensive computing and computer infrastructure. SDSC provides resources, hardware and services to many organizations in UCSD, in other UC campuses and beyond using its massive community clusters, such as Voyager and Expanse.

We’re located in SDSC Room 404 and 413 just about any time! Come on by and hang out with us!