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1. Raspberry Pi Cluster

Description: We will be setting up a Raspberry Pi “supercomputing” cluster with industry standard software practices and try running some parallel applications with it.

The project will provide an opportunity to sharpen basic hardware and software skills. Topics covered will include Linux, compilers, parallel programming, and performance tuning applications.

No prior experience is required!

Meetings will be at SDSC Saturdays from 1-3pm

Learning Goals:

Mentors: Paco, Matei, Yuchen

Time Requirement: 1-3 hours/week

2. FPGA Network Interface Card

Description This project will work on programming a Xilinx FPGA to implement a network interface card in verilog alongside the linux kernel driver. If time provides We will work on adding RDMA interoperability with the soft nic.

Some Verilog and C experience required along with some familiarity with the linux kernel is prefered but not required.

Meetings will be at SDSC Fridays from 10am-12pm

Mentors: Khai Vu, Kyle Smith

Time Requirements: 4-5 hours/week (very likely more)

3. Switch interconnect Config

Description This project will be more infrastructure related for the club and will primarily involve learning how to configure switches for various fabrics be it ethernet or infiniband along with configuring the application interfaces such as MPI

Only requirements are some IP stack knowledge along with familiarity with the commandline

Meetings will be at SDSC Fridays from 2-4pm

Mentors: Khai Vu, Matei

Time Requirements: 4-5 hours/week