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Why Supercomputing?

The field of High Performance Computing spans many domains outside in Scientific Computing including Applied Math, Physics, Biology, and Data and Environmental Sciences. We are continuing to develop content to educate our club members in concepts common in HPC, including optimization, distributed computing, cloud computing, containers, GPU acceleration, and parallel code at scale.

Our Mission

We exist to provide an open and inclusive environment for UC San Diego students to learn and develop the skills of the High Performance Computing industry. Our goal is to make the knowledge and technology surrounding this industry accessible to students of all majors and backgrounds. The Supercomputing club collaborates with and is sponsored by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) through the High Performance Computing Students Program.   

Upcoming Events

Winter 2021 GBM

Announcement, Workshop Schedule, Recruitment 
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Introduction to HPC, Parallel Computing, Quantum Computing, and GPU Computing

GPU Hackathon

Demonstrate your skill with GPU, more to be announced

Student Cluster Competition

Prepare for Student Cluster Competition at SC21.
More about SC21:

WIHPC talks

We aim to support scientist of all genders. 

Respberry Pi Cluster

Build our own cluster with Respberry Pi 4 and deploy benchmark  and software for supercomputers.

Our Team

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Jacob Xiaochen Li


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Zihao Kong

Project Lead


Project Lead

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Joey Li

Graduate Mentor

Mary Thomas


Our Sponsor


9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093

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